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Tracy Anderson on the Editorial Review Board of Academy of Management Review

Tracy Anderson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Management and Technology, has been appointed as a member of the Editorial Review Board of the Academy of Management Review (AMR). Her appointment is effective from July 1 until the end of June 2026.

The primary function of an Editorial Review Board is to maintain the quality and integrity of a research journal.
"For me, being a reviewer is a really good opportunity to help other scholars, especially those who may be submitting their first or early manuscripts. I believe that a reviewer’s job is not only to point out the weaknesses in a manuscript but to also provide helpful suggestions on how to overcome them. I want to ensure that my reviews are constructive and contribute to the development of the manuscript. I also strive to provide timely responses to avoid keeping authors waiting for too long," says Professor Anderson.

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Course Management, Research Funds

Elisabetta Ostoni

Office Coordinator, Faculty Council and Executive Committee Support, Teaching Planning, Course Management

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