Stefano Pogutz


I am Research Fellow at ICRIOS - the Invernizzi Center for Research on Innovation, Organization, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and at the Sustainability Lab and eSG Lab, SDA Bocconi School of Management and Research Fellow.

Since 2019, I am the Head of Vertical on Sustainability, at Bocconi for Innovation (B4I). Since 2012, I am part of the Sustainability Committee of Bocconi University.

SDA Professor of Practice
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In the last few years my research interests focused on the challenges of ocean sustainability and marine ecosystem protection. I have been working to better understand the level of awareness and the main responses of business, both with regard to direct pressures (e.g., related to the so-called blue economy industries) and indirect ones (e.g., the issue of plastics and ocean acidification).  Moreover, I have been engaged in the Bocconi 4 Innovation accelerator and pre-accelerator. This is an amazing experience to support the scale-up of sustainable business models.

Research interests

My research interests are at the intersection between management studies and the broad field of sustainability science (planetary boundaries, climate change, resource scarcity and circular economy, human rights). I have been studying the relation of impact and dependence between organizations and social-ecological systems, focusing on corporate sustainability strategies, ESG measurement and innovation. I spent time investigating the role of technologies (clean technologies such as renewables, hydrogen, new materials) in mitigating environmental and social pressures and in analyzing sustainable supply chains and certification systems with regard to both environmental and social aspects.

Selected Publications

My approach to teaching aims at blending the analysis of theoretical constructs and the exam of practical implications for business and organizations. I always try to prepare a learning environment that helps creating impact. In my classes I use multiple teaching methods, including case studies, incidents and role play, company presentations and live cases to engage students in active learning.  I think that corporate sustainability requires blending competencies from different areas, therefore I try to bring into my classes also scholars from other disciplinary fields.