Alberto Grando


Alberto Grando,  Professor of Operations Management at the Department of Management and Technology, teaches Operations Management and Sustainable Operations Management. He is also Professor of Production & Supply Chain Management at Operations and Technology Management Knowledge Unit of SDA Bocconi School of Management. Currently Chairperson of the Evaluation Unit of Bocconi University, he has served his University as Vice Rector for Strategy Implementation (2016-2018), Vice Rector for Development (2012-2016) and Dean of SDA – Bocconi School of Management (2006-2012). 

Full Professor
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Research interests

My research interests are Manufacturing performances measurement, Supply chain management, Logistics and Operations management. More recently, I focused on Industry 4.0 and Sustainable operations management topics.


Alberto Grando teaches at the Undergraduate School (“Technology, Innovation and Operations Management” and “Sustainable Operations Management” courses), at the Graduate School (“Operations Management Lab” and “Business Game” courses) and at SDA Bocconi School of Management (MBA, EMBAs, and Executive courses). He has developed several case studies and new learning tools in the field of Operations management such as business games and web-based simulations.