Our Mission

The Department of Management & Technology is a community of scholars and instructors who collectively aim at providing cutting edge research, high teaching standard, and active service to the University and the broader community of academics, business leaders, and policy-makers

The department covers all broad areas in management, and particularly Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Careers, Information Systems, International Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Organization and Management Theory, Organizational Behavior, Social Issues in Management and Sustainability, Strategic Management, and Technology and Innovation Management.

The department believes that world-class research and teaching require a combination of rigorous academic methods and practical understanding of the behavior of organizations and the contexts in which they operate. Not only does this imply interconnection between academic research and practice, but also the belief that there cannot be good research without understanding real-world phenomena and there cannot be good teaching without analytical frameworks and rigorous methods.

The department promotes interdisciplinarity and it is particularly keen to embrace the advances in data science and analytics, as well as to pay attention to sustainability and social issues in research, teaching, practice and service. 

The department is an open community with a strong commitment to a culture of diversity and inclusion.



Department Head
Marco Tortoriello