Tracy Anderson


I joined Bocconi in 2019, having completed my PhD at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. My research interests, teaching, and prior work experience all focus on employment, and the factors that influence opportunity and outcomes at the level of the individual and organization.

I spent many years conducting employment-related policy research in the UK and also worked in human resource management. I have a Master’s degree in Social Policy & Planning and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, both from the London School of Economics.

Assistant Professor
Research interests

I explore how features of modern employment shape workers’ performance and career outcomes.

My primary focus is on collaborative working. More specifically, I explore how collaborative working creates interdependence between workers and shapes individual and collective performance. I'm particularly interested in how collaboration and associated outcomes influence, and are influenced by, worker mobility.

My secondary stream of research focuses upon independent contracting, particularly among managerial workers. I had explored how contractors perform managerial tasks as organizational outsiders and the benefits contracting can provide managerial workers, and its implications for their pay and work-life balance.

Selected Publications