Cedric Gutierrez Moreno


My research primarily focuses on understanding the behavioral mechanisms of market entry and dynamics. I explore the effects of temporal preferences and attitudes toward ambiguity on (entrepreneurial) entry. I am also interested in the effects of behavioral traits and external interventions on gender differences in the decision to enter labor markets. In a related stream of work, I explore the effect of behavioral mechanisms (perception of loss or inequity) on incentive systems. Empirically, I mostly use methodologies and models from experimental economics and decision sciences.

Assistant Professor

In a recent paper published at the Strategic Management Journal, we show that former leaders in a competition (e.g., sales contests, innovation challenges) try harder: those that are displaced from a prize-eligible position exert more effort in subsequent rounds, compared with identically placed rivals who have never led. Our results, which suggest that setbacks can be motivational, have implications for the optimal design of dynamic competitions.

Research interests

Entrepreneurial/Managerial decision-making; Behavioral strategy; Market entry; Incentives;  Competitiveness; Overconfidence; Temporal preferences; Decision under uncertainty; Experimental methods.

Working papers
Cedric Gutierrez Moreno, Donal Crilly and Randolph Sloof
When the future feels further away: Temporal preferences, time investments, and entry into entrepreneurship
Cedric Gutierrez Moreno, Mohammed Abdellaoui and Han Bleichrodt
Overconfidence behavior: Beliefs or ambiguity attitude?
Cedric Gutierrez Moreno and Emmanuel Kemel
Measuring natural source dependence
Cedric Gutierrez Moreno and Chen Li
Why do people choose gender congruent careers: an ambiguous story?