Giada Di Stefano


I am an Associate Professor of Strategy. I currently serve as an Associate Editor for the Strategic Management Journal and Associate Program Chair for the SRF Dissertation Research Program. I have been elected in the Leadership Team of the SMS Competitive Strategy IG, and have served as a Rep-at-Large for the SMS Behavioral Strategy IG, the AoM STR Division, and the AoM TIM Division.

At Bocconi, I am affiliated with BELSS and iCrios. I am a member of the Ethics Committee and serves in the Executive Committee of the Department of Management and Technology. Prior to joining Bocconi, I was a faculty member of HEC Paris, and worked as a product manager for L’Oréal Paris.

Associate Professor

June 2021: I recently moderated a panel on “Cooperating in an Era of Divide” for the BAIC webinar series. A video of the event is available here:

October 2020: During the last SMS Annual Meeting, I participated to a panel discussion on “Question-driven Research.” A video of the event is available here:

In my latest paper, with co-author Cédric Gutierrez (Bocconi), I examine to what extent experiments can be a useful tool for strategy research. I discuss the main advantages associated with the use of experiments and why they make strategy an exciting field in which to be an experimentalist today. The paper is available here:

Research interests

My general research interests are in the area of innovation, knowledge, and organizational learning. More specifically, I study the factors that foster or inhibit the creation and transfer of knowledge, within and across organizations.

From a methodological standpoint, my research is prevalently mixed-method, with a focus on experiments and field work more broadly. I have partnered with a number of organizations to conduct experiments “in the wild.”

My work is often conducted in the context of creative industries, broadly defined – from gourmet cuisine to science, from computer programming to academia.

Selected Publications

Professor Di Stefano currently teaches courses on Strategy and Managerial Decision Making. Her teaching portfolio includes courses on Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, and Strategy in the context of creative industries.

She teaches the core Strategy course in the Bocconi PhD program. At the doctoral level, she also has experience teaching Behavioral Strategy and Corporate Strategy.