Sonja Opper

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I am Professor of Global Strategy and Institutions and the DeAgostini Endowed Chair of Corporate Strategy. I received my PhD in economics from the University of Tubingen (Germany). Before joining Bocconi, I was the Gad Rausing Professor of International Economics and Business at the Department of Economics at Lund University, Sweden (2005-2020). My research is about how individual effort, social networks and local institutions contribute to some businesses being much more successful than others.

Full Professor
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Research interests

My current research explores patterns of institutional change, the interplay between social networks and institutions, and social heuristics of strategic decisions. Most of my empirical research is set in transition and emerging economies—such as China’s economy—which offer a natural laboratory for the study of social and institutional change. In my research I combine different methodologies such as standard manager and company surveys, laboratory experiments and social network analysis.

Selected Publications

My teaching is closely linked with my ongoing research activities.
Business Management in China (30574): This course builds a comprehensive understanding of China’s unique economic reform strategy and business environment, and explores related company strategies.
Institutions and Global Strategy (30576): This course highlights company strategies tailored to diverse institutional settings and the specific challenges that emerge for international corporations operating in foreign host environments.