Sook Lian Daphne Teh

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I hold a PhD from INSEAD and originate from Singapore. In my former life, I was a strategy consultant at Accenture and worked on projects in emerging markets such as Manila, Moscow and Alexandria.

I am passionate about people and making an impact. I find connecting with my students highly rewarding regardless of whether it relates to their career development or sharing insights from academic research to influence their thoughts on social issues and current events.

Adjunct Professor

Ma, J., Teh, D., Wang, Z., & Khanna, T. (2020) “Crying Over Spoilt Milk: The Negative Consequences of Stigmatized Company’s Assurances”.

Teh, D. & Lungeanu, R. (2021) “Institutional and Economic Shocks and their effects on Corporate- Nonprofit Board Interlocks”. (Data Collection Stage)

Research interests

Corporate philanthropy, corporate activism, governance, corporate scandals

My research draws upon social network analysis and has implications on the role of business in society. Specifically I am curious about understanding how corporations form relationships with their communities and how this affects ethics, philanthropy and activism.

My dissertation work examines how Fortune 500 firm connections with the nonprofit sector evolves and its effect on corporate deviance. In addition to this, I also study corporate scandals and how firms engage in activism via Twitter.

Working papers
Ma, J., Teh, D., Wang, Z., & Khanna, T.
Crying Over Spoilt Milk: The Negative Consequences of Stigmatized Company’s Assurances
Target Journal: Strategic Management Journal; Targeted Submission Date: November 11, 2020
Teh, D.
How Directors’ Nonprofit Involvement Decrease Organizational Deviance
Job Market Paper; Reject & Resubmit at Organization Science; Targeted Submission Date: February 2021
Selected Publications