Cassandra Rae Chambers


I am an Assistant Professor of Management at Bocconi University. My research examines when and how individuals contribute to collective goods, especially within the new world of distributed knowledge commons, which is characterized by flat and networked social systems. I use data sources such as online communities as natural laboratories for understanding how prosocial behavior will be maintained in increasingly virtual work environments where traditional monitoring by managers and peers and relational pressures are less likely to play a role in maintaining voluntary contributions. I explore these topics at multiple levels of analysis and use a diverse set of methodological approaches including computational analyses of large-scale longitudinal datasets, between-groups no-deception experiments, and field research using mobile applications.

Assistant Professor
Working papers
Chambers, C.R.
Examining the Use of a Reputation System to Maintain a Norm of Cooperation
(Revise & Resubmit, Organization Science)
Chambers, C.R., Aceves, P. and Alves, M.
How Insufficient Recognition Shapes the Rate and Scope of Contributions to the Knowledge Commons
(Under Review at Organization Science)
Aceves, P., Chambers, C.R., and Alves, M.
Middle-Status Myopia
(Under Review at Management Science)